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The Health Law Society and the Law & Technology Society are student-run clubs at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law.

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Health Law Society

The Health Law Society (HLS) at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law is dedicated to exploring both Canadian and global issues at the intersection of health and law. Topics include health policy, health care law, bioethics, human rights, international solidarity, and global health law, among others. The HLS serves as the principal venue for sharing ideas, building connections, and practicing advocacy skills on issues of health law.

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Law & Technology Society

The Law and Technology Society (L&TS) at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law is a club for students who are interested in the combination and intersection of these two foundational fields. L&TS seeks to provide students with the resources and network necessary to pursue a career in the expansive and growing field of technology law as well as prepare students for roles in policy, advocacy, and bolster innovation within the field of law itself. We encourage students to join who are also interested in privacy, AI, data security, cyber security, robotics, telecommunications, broadcasting, machine learning, crypto, blockchain (just to name a few!) Please note that our club has a Vice President of Intellectual Property who is responsible for ensuring that students interested in this area have a place to explore it.

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