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What legal, regulatory, and policy reforms are needed to improve the health of underserved populations? The need to attend to marginalized groups and individuals in decentralized and privatized systems raise questions about requirements for accountability in health governance and decision-making.


Genomic Sequencing of Blood Donors: Social, Ethical and Legal Considerations 2023-2024
Collaborators: Jennie Haw (Canadian Blood Services), Gwen Clarke (University of British Columbia), Celina...
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Housed within the Lincoln Alexander School of Law’s Justice and Technology Initiative, the Health Law...
Intersex Human Rights Case
Joshua Sealy-Harrington
Elective Egg Freezing in Canada
Kathleen Hammond, SSHRC, 2021-2022.
Ova Obscura: Egg Donors in Canada
Kathleen Hammond, Alana Cattapan (University of Waterloo), Vanessa Gruben (University of Ottawa). SSHRC....

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