Sari Graben


Justice & Technology Lab

Housed within the Lincoln Alexander School of Law’s Justice and Technology Initiative, the Justice & Technology Lab is a research network directed by Professor and Dean Sari Graben.

EQ/CQ Project

Emotional and Cultural Quotient is a research project focused on developing the e-learning modules and training tools to support a virtual law firm in which law students, acting in the role of lawyers, are trained in Emotional and Cultural Competencies (EQ/CQ) in the practice of law.

Bracing for Impact Conference: The Future of AI for Society Poster

Bracing for Impact: The Future of AI for Society

November 9, 2022 at Osgoode Hall Law School “AI for the Future of Legal Practice – Self-Regulation, Access to Justice and the Importance of Legal Data” with Prof. Jonathon Penney, Prof. Sari Graben, Prof. Pina D’Agostino, Mr. Ryan Wong, Mr. Nye Thomas.